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Join our team of hosts - Open again in 2019
Can you spare a few hours during the summer months. Looking for a new interest and connection to the people of Newtown and elsewhere? 

Why not join our friendly team of hosts who help to keep the Museum open to the Public. Lots of our visitors comment on the "very friendly and informative members of staff" but we would welcome more on the team.

We wouldn't open our doors to the public without all the help of our volunteers. There are other ways behind the scenes that you can help if you do not want to be a host during opening hours. 

Fancy giving it a try?  Training will be given. Sign up now as we have some training planned over the winter. 

Contact Peter at:   bettenewydd@outlook.com or for more general information: admin@newtowntextilemuseum.co.uk

Do you have a craft you can demonstrate?

Why not share your craft with our visitors. Come along and demonstrate on a Saturday in the summer.  Contact: curator@newtowntextilemuseum.co.uk for more information. 


 why we would like you to join our Friends group

We have established a Friends Group and would like to invite you to become a member.

The Textile Museum first opened in October 1967.  A group of supporters had each pledged a guinea (remember them?!) to help get the project going. Their help was invaluable. 

50 years on we now need a new band of equally generous benefactors to secure our future. 

A modest annual or regular donation, of at least £20 (although more would always be welcome!) from our members will help to sustain the Museum for the next 50 years.

Money raised through the NTM Friends will enable us to plan ahead, secure in the knowledge that we have committed funds we can use to develop and keep the Textile Museum open.

As an NTM Friend you will receive our standard newsletter, plus special mailings of interest. We are also looking at ways of offering our Friends special activities and benefits.

All donations are handled through the MCRA (Montgomeryshire Community Regeneration Association) - the registered charity for the Newtown Textile Museum. (Charity number: 524426). All money comes direct to the Museum.

Please Gift Aid your donation if you are eligible. 

Sign up to be a  new member of NTM friends

click to access the online membership form including optional Gift Aid and Data Protection consent.

If you want to make on-going annual or monthly payments, please complete and sign a Standing Order form.     Download it here and post it to the address on the form.

You can also download the new members form and post it to us if you prefer. Click here for the form. 

Or if you are just renewing your membership, click here. 

Donations Form
If you would like to donate and/or receive our newsletters but do not wish to become a member of our Friends group, click here.

This form contains the Gift Aid option and the Data Protection consent. 

When you donate, please complete either the Donations form or the Friends form above.

Sponsorship or corporate support.

Another way to support the Museum is to provide corporate support.

We are grateful for:

  • the IT help from www.mousematt.net 
  • the work of our painter - Chris Parry, Paint effect specialist and decorator. 
  • The work of the Montgomeryshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers  who are helping us at the Museum.  Click here www.montyguildwsd.org.uk for more  information on their work
  • Bluesdigital  for display boards
  • Imprint, Newtown for printing

Add your name to theirs by providing goods or services to the Museum. 

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