Jigsaws for fun

Digital jigsaws of objects from our collection.
Each jigsaw uses an object or image to give you details that you can recreate by doing the puzzle. We hope you will enjoy the challenge, and in the process learn about some of the special and interesting objects you can see when you can visit our Museum again. New jigsaws will be added to the top of the listfrom time to time, so check in regularly to test your skills.
Tips for puzzles;  You can make the puzzles more challenging or easier by varying the number of pieces. Use the Play As tab at the top to pick the number of pieces. The pieces do not need to be rotated unless you chose to change the settings. If you want to see the full picture, click on left icon at bottom of the tray. You can stop and start the timing using the arrow or pause button in the middle of the bottom bar. You can also change the colour of the background using the symbol of three vertical dots to get to the settings. Changing the background colour can be really helpful.